The Burning House

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It is a belief that actions, thoughts and even emotions are all effected by what we have been designed to be as human beings and also a product of our environment so to speak. We can ask these questions about our characteristics or character defects. Most of the population underestimates the impact of other people, the social context, and the cultural rules on nearly everything we do (Carole Wade, 2015, 2012, 2008). When a house is on fire and a family is trapped inside, what drives that hero to take on a burning house? Knowing that there is little chance of survival for him and the ones he is striving to save in the burning house. What drives a person to complete years of education to have the knowledge to help others live longer with healthier lives? What drives criminals to become so violent? For example, the shooting that took place at sandy hook elementary school in Newton Connecticut was a shock heard around the world. Many teachers and staff like Victoria Soto. She was trying to hide the children in her class from the gunman in cabinets in the class room. When the gunman came into her class she told him her kids were in the gym and then shot her. If she had not hid the children they might all by dead (Cheng, 2012). What makes men and women of service risk their lives and the quality of life of their families to go to a danger zone and fight against others? All of these are a direct result of Socio-Cultural Perspective and are designed by what group of people that a…
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