The Burqa Should Not Be Banned in Australia Essay

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The burqa should not be banned in Australia A nun can be covered from head to toe in order to devote herself to god. But when a Muslim woman does the same she is being oppressed. It may be argued that wearing a burqa benefits only a few and brings more harm than good to society. The real question is who does it harm? That should be the basis for banning this piece of clothing, not one based on fear or an arguably feeble argument that the women do not have a choice. To say that a ban on a specific item like this is undemocratic is an understatement. Following the French senate’s unanimous vote in favour of banning the burqa in late 2010, many European and western countries including Belgium and Spain have made the decision to take the…show more content…
However, ultimately it is the woman’s right to do as she pleases and the moment that we start to legislate against this is the divide where individual freedom ends and oppression begins. As a multicultural country, it would be considerably hypocritical for Australia to consider legislating against the freedom of Muslim women. We would like for them to assimilate yet we have made it near impossible for them to do so by treating them with hostility towards an item of clothing. In addition, a burqa ban would reinforce claims that the government has the right to regulate women’s dress, undermining campaigns for women’s rights in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia. It may be argued that western women adopt to culturally appropriate clothing if they were to live or visit a country where that is the practiced culture such as Afghanistan or Iran, then why is it not appropriate in Australia for people to conform to our culture which is to be open and it is respectful for one’s face to be visible. Along with the fact that it is not a core Australian value for the face to be visible at all times, it is also obvious that respect is a two way street. We should show our respect by protecting their right to make decisions and by encouraging assimilation. Whilst the idea of having women’s' identity obscured is offensive to most Australians

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