The Bush Era Tax Cuts Essay

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Some could say that the Bush era tax cuts could have been a clever lie to the American people on job growth when they truly look at the numbers. Compared to every other two term president Bush had the worst rating when it came to job creation and his economic policy took him in the opposite direction he claimed we were heading. At the beginning of his presidency, the national debt was at 5.7 trillion dollars and when he left office the national debt was at 10.6 trillion dollars. His tax cuts were marketed to spur economic growth and lead to increased job production. Bush and Chaney even went as far to say “that tax cuts pay for themselves” That was far from the case, it just created policies that allowed the dramatic increase of wealth in the top percent and reduced job growth for the rest of the nation.
This could be easily proven by examine his presidency’s record of job creation while he was in office. Compared to other two term presidents, (Use the data for negative job growth)

Financial Crisis of 2008
In the U.S., persistent high unemployment remained as of December 2012, along with low consumer confidence, the continuing decline in home values and increase in foreclosures and personal bankruptcies, an increasing federal debt, inflation, and rising petroleum and food prices. A 2011 poll found that more than half of all Americans thought that the U.S. was still in recession or even depression, although economic data showed a historically modest recovery.
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