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I am a senior in the Business Administration Online degree completion program and currently working in the Accounts Receivable department at Fayetteville Technical Community College. I chose to research and write on Duke University Hospital for two reasons. First, my youngest daughter and sister-in-law were both patients at Duke that received excellent care. My daughter had a pediatric brain tumor and had surgery at Duke in 1999 and my late sister-in-law had terminal cancer and unfortunately passed away in 2000. They actually were patients at Duke requiring in patient care during the same time period in January of 1999. Second, I am interested in the Administrative processes at Duke. While my daughter received quality care and a great prognosis as she has been tumor free since her surgery, the administrative side of Duke 's processes was seriously lacking and I would like to learn more about why this is the case. I have always been interested in the customer service side of any business and the distinction between great and mediocre service. Even though, I currently work in Accounts Receivable, customer contact and information plays a vital role in the performance of my job and the reputation of my organization. Also, I have heard personal accounts of other patients and family members having similar negative experiences with the scheduling, billing and patient information aspects of Duke University Hospital. Leadership, Management and Motivation Duke University
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