The Business Analyst Is The Role I Would Like At Play Upon Graduation

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The business analyst is the role I would like to play upon graduation. The business analyst acts as an essential interface between business and IT: it has not only the skills related to project management but also the ability to understand the needs of businesses to formalize analyzed as closely as possible the specifications or specifications. It identifies, analyzes, validates and documents the business needs of the organization and participates in the implementation of solutions. These solutions are based on the business requirements, organizational and operational organization. They can lead to changes in the organization or process optimization often using means related to information and communications technology. My goal being to…show more content…
Scope of projects/tests and limitations Both of these tasks were small projects and did not affect the daily activities of the businesses directly however, the daily trade statistics helped oversea the system performance and the tests perform through the PR submitted, enabled systems enhancement. In terms of limitations with the daily trade, there was no ready set of instructions to make the learning process efficient. When it comes to the testing process, I was able to write my own PR based on previously written ones. Even thought the process was to complete the PR first after talking to the client and finding what their needs are, I was submitted the test first then had to write my PR after testing was complete. I see the benefits of testing first with the fact that learning about the application was made primary, however having the ability to speak to the clients with understanding in their own words plus the benefit of being shown how they use the applications would have provided a better comprehension of the purpose or business needs behind the testing performed. Systems History: PAM timeline • January, 1999 – Initial Prudential installation for Private Placements • January, 2001 – Conversion of Public Assets (Including Derivatives) • January - May, 2002 – Implementation of support for PIM Fixed Income Advisory Accounts (Shadow Accounting) • January, 2003 – Gibraltar and Prudential of Japan (POJ) US GAAP Conversion •
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