The Business Case for Technology Investments

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The business case for technology investments 1. The setting The modern day business environment is evolving at a rapid pace and the economic agents are forced to develop alongside, or risk the loss of their competitive position. The changes currently affecting the business community have their roots in a multitude of instances, including the increasing forces of globalization and market liberalization, the intensifying competition from both domestic as well as international players, the changing demands of the customers, the changing political and economic contexts, or the quick evolution of technology. These instances all raise challenges and opportunities for the economic agents, some which are more obvious, and others which are more salient. At the level of the technologic field, the primary opportunity is represented by the ability of economic agents to integrate the latest technologic applications and as such support their attainment of the overall organizational goals. For instance, technologies within the workplace support a superior management of the labor force, the superior allocation of the resources, a better informed decision making process and so on. Nevertheless, the evolution of the technologic field also raises numerous challenges for the economic agents, and these challenges often seem overwhelming, especially for the small size businesses, which posses restricted resources. For once, the purchase and integration of the latest technologic

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