The Business Communication Market Is Growing Tremendously And Newtel Essay

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Newtel is pleased to refer to HUNSA’s request for proposal dated 1 May 2015. We understand that your company has been having issues with your current communication provider. We have recognised this as a unique opportunity to work closely with your company – and we aim to resolve your current issues with our innovative way of thinking. We strongly believe the Business communication market is growing tremendously and Newtel is uniquely positioned to successfully fulfil both present and future requirements. By accepting our proposal, Hunsa will encounter the following benefits: • We aim to be the company where geography doesn’t compromise quality. Hence, we have entered in multiple agreements with local communication infrastructure providers to provide the best overall coverage quality. • We are highly confident in our pricing strategy, providing you very competitive pricing in the telecommunications market. We aim to provide you with the most value possible through our wide range of pricing options available at your disposal for anyone within your firm. • We understand that business doesn’t always go to plan and there is always unforeseen circumstances operating a business. This is where the flexibility of our business mobile plans excel, we will not charge exuberant prices (like our competitors) for excess amounts of data or minute of calling, simply log into our website and add an extra data or calling boost to the account for the month. • We pride our self on customer

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