The Business Concept of Training Transfer

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Throughout the world organizations are developing strategies and putting long hours and effort in training the individuals on the job. Firms are attempting to improve interests in professional development to increase employee performance through training. About $100 billion is spent a year to train employees around the world to improve corporate performance in topics such as communication, sales, performance management, operations, and technology with much little impact (Jaidev & Chirayath, 2012). The concept of transfer training used in organizations is commonly used in firms today. This paper will discuss the concept of transfer training strengths and weakness and how trainers can utilize it in the workplace in a more efficient manner.…show more content…
Data should be used to drive training. Training courses and materials should be in accordance with job requirements and teaching online content. The outcomes of the training should be established based on discussion with departmental supervisors. The materials also need to be current and relevant to industry, job, and interesting. Providing guidance and assistance to solve job-related problems using knowledge and skills through training can help employees become more efficient and make fewer mistakes (Gegenfurtner, Festner, Gallenberger, Lehtinen, & Gruber, 2009). Trainees see the manager and trainer as a role model, coach, and reinforcement (Laker & Powell, 2011). If the manager or trainer is unfamiliar with the content of the training, the trainee will probably find the training ineffective. It is therefore inevitable for the trainer to be knowledgeable with the resources presented in the training to demonstrate technical, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills to motivate the trainee to continue the learning process. Individuals are motivated to accept training when they have the support from management. Motivation is the central component for drawing training transfer (Gegenfurtner et al., 2009). Motivation can be enhanced with training sessions, seminars, and applying newly acquired knowledge and skills on the job to improve employee job performance and organizational commitment (Chun-Chieh &
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