The Business Environment Of China Essay

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Introduction Under the background of globalization and information technology, the China enterprise still face problems such as business environment. Some of the significant changes in the business environment of China includes: The conflict of centralized political and democratic requirements, the economy growth of ‘high speed’ and ‘low quality’ and the appreciation and depreciation of Ren Min Bi. All these changes in the business environment will affect the business as well.  The conflict of centralized political and democratic requirements and how does it affects the businesses With the development of productivity, it becomes more obvious that the current political system constraints on the economic development. A new political of private entrepreneurs and the middle class also step into the economy platform, start finding the power of political and at the same time, increase the requirements of democracy. This results in many business faced challenges of “fairness” market. The central anti-corruption tried to increase effort in this matter, however, the effect is micro. The democratic reform is increasing but the outlook is not clear as well. The democratic market had been affected by the enterprises which have the government background, therefore, the enterprise must continue to develop in this kind of political and management which will cause changes in the business environment. The political stability of a country will give significant impact to the business. If
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