The Business Environment Of Primark Corporation

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The business environment is something that is surrounding us in every aspects of our lives today, this is particularly with reference to the retail sector that has become an established industry all of its own. Retail is something that we all use, in one shape or form; this could be using local shops, chains or even second hand shops, but is something that has become a requirement as part of daily life as well as a desire. This being said, the retail sector is such a vast industry, it is important to note the impact that it is having on the business environment as well as how they conducting their management in terms of being strategic with the resources that they have within the industry that they are positioned. To give an insight into the background of the company “Primark opened its first store in Dublin in 1969 under the name Penneys and today operates in over 270 stores in nine countries in Europe and growing with the first US store opening in Boston in 2015” (Primark, 2015) Primark has been operating for almost fifty years developing over the years and branching out to various locations, including Europe and this year including the United States of America. “Business operates in a rapidly changing internal and external environment… the society permits business to earn profit as reward for bearing risk” (Jain, T. R., Tregan, M. and Trehan, R., 2010) Within the business environment specifically Primark based in the retail sector there is always an element of risk,
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