The Business/Government Relationship– a Comparison of the Key Features in China and Australia-

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The business/government relationship – a comparison of the key features in China and Australia China and Australia, provide two samples in pursing social welfare in different ways and hence result in distinctive social structure as well as government-business relationship. Convergences and divergences coexist in these two paradigms, in a way that suit each nation well. Private sector Private sector is the value chain which engages political, economic and social factors together. It is of paramount importance in both two Australia and China in enhancing people’s living standards, such as providing goods and services, creating employment, contributing tax revenue and etc. Australia has a modern developed market economy.…show more content…
The 5-year-plan is the guideline of the whole economic advancing course, major resources will be allocated according to this project to ensure the given target be safely achieved. Compared with china, Australian government’s role is limited. As an individualistic regime, observed by O'NEILL (2010), government’s core tasks is to protect property, enforce contracts and keep an open and fair play environment for business competition. It is essentially separate form business and only intervenes when it is required. Therefore, despite Australia government still carries great weight in managing its economy, it is far from a dominant force. Even though over time, the magnitude of its power and influences fluctuates, at most, it has never been in a supremely authoritative position as Chinese government has. Mostly, it is just a player in game, competing and cooperating with private sector. These two players take ascendancy in turn. In terms of scale, Australian public sector is far leaner than China’s, proportionate to their task loads as well as attributable to the different degree of privatization. As introduced by Wettenhall (1999:144), before 1980’s, Australian public sector was comparatively redundant by the standards of other individualistic countries, especially U.S. and U.K. But it was not large measured against many communitarian nations. And

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