The Business Impact Of The Internet Of Things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how most industries do business and promises a significant return on investment (ROI) in operational efficiency, improved customer experience, risk mitigation, and enabling entirely new business models. The sheer volume of new devices on the network driven by IoT will evolve the scale and range of deploying devices and managing data. Further, recent advances for employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) within IoT are creating many new opportunities to enhance data analysis and better decision-making. Although the notion of computing based on sensor data from things was not born yesterday, the meteoric rise of IoT has recently become practical because of smaller, faster,…show more content…
Further, a significant challenge many organizations when deploying IoT solutions is the melee of connectivity standards, hardware types, operating systems, programming languages in addition to navigating the proliferation of platforms. Dell Technologies has been a pioneer in driving innovation, standards, and solutions across the industry. Specifically, with their involvement the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), OpenFog Consortium, and the EdgeX Foundry hosted by the Linux Foundation. Although there has been some success with these standards bodies, the onus has been put on companies like Dell to provide leadership and move the industry forward. Seeded by Dell code, EdgeX is a vendor-neutral, open source project building a common interoperability framework to facilitate an ecosystem for IoT edge computing. The EdgeX effort is backed by over 60 organizations, including recent addition Samsung, has established a roadmap of bi-annual code releases and has formed a partnership with the IIC to collaborate on testbeds. For the past three years, Dell has built a strong presence in the market with an IoT strategy and IoT-focused projects such as gateways and embedded PCs and an ecosystem of over 90 technology and services partners that complement their infrastructure offerings. Further through its OEM

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