The Business Model Of Amazon

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Introduction Amazon is a pioneer in online retailing. Through 3 third party agreements, the company offers the world’s largest choice in consumer products including but not limited to books, CDs, DVDs, electronics and office furnishings. The company has offices in 138 locations in 32 countries. Initially, the company’s purpose was to offer customers the opportunity to purchase books quickly and cheaply. Amazon has however grown since then to offer a wider variety through partnerships with more established companies such as Yahoo, Inc., America Online Inc., Netscape. They allowed the companies to use their website to promote its services and reach a greater audience. The company is worth 29.7 Billion Dollars and is traded on the US stock…show more content…
The company has strived to deserve this tittle by keeping the customer in mind and at heart in every decision. Management 50 year old Jeff Bezos is the founder, chairman, president and CEO of amazon. The leadership team of Amazon comprises of nine active board members who shape the culture of the company. Name Primary Company Age Thomas Ryder Reader 's Digest Entertainment, Inc. 69 William Gordon Callaway Digital Arts, Inc. 64 Jamie Gorelick Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP 63 Tom Alberg J.D. Madrona Venture Group 75 Patricia Stonesifer Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 57 John Brown Ph.D. Deloitte LLP 74 Alain Monié Ingram Micro Inc. 63 Jonathan Rubinstein WebOS 57 Judith McGrath Viacom, Inc. 61 (Source: Bloomberg) Products and Services The company that started as an online book retailer has expanded to include same-day delivery of products ranging from electronics to drugs. According to Bloomberg, the company works with third-party retailers and allows them to sell their products and on their own branded website. The company offers Amazon Prime subscription to provide free shipping of various item plus access to streaming TV show episodes and access to read and borrow books on a Kindle device. Further, Amazon allows filmmakers, authors, musicians, authors to publish their
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