The Business Models And Core Competencies Of Google

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1. Compare the business models and core competencies of Google, Apple and Facebook.
Google, Apple, Facebook and each have different business models. Each company focuses on different things that makes them unique and stand out to their customers.
Google’s business model is geared towards mobile computing and the Internet. The company wants versatile smartphones that allow access to the Web and the use of applications that can be used on different devices. Google also has strength in advertising, in that they appeal to many potential customers on the Web.
Apple’s business model is geared towards the hardware and software of its products. Also they focus on its mobile software applications, which is widely popular among customers due to the app store iPhone users. the applications on the app store are available for user on apple products and one of a kind compared to the less popular applications offered by Google and Facebook
Facebook relies on ad advertisements in their business model. Facebook platform empowers developers to build applications and web sites that integrate with Facebook to reach its global network of users and to build personalized and social products.

2. Why is mobile computing so important to these three firms? Evaluate the mobile strategies of each firm. Mobile computing is important to Google, Apple, and Facebook, mainly because the widespread use of smartphones and other mobile platforms has increased tremendously. Pretty soon, it is believed that
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