The Business Of Grill Rite Essay

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1. Introduction
The case study is about “Grill Rite” company that started producing electric barbeque grill due to shrinkage in profits from wooden matches business. The production from small town setup is inventoried at four warehouses including one central warehouse before supplying to the customer. Vice President for Sales explains the problem of poor service as well as uncompleted orders. Even after increasing stocks at regional warehouses, the complaints have shown a continuous trend. Managers at regional and central warehouses have given remarks that vary as per their understanding. Moreover, the inventory overstocking and under-stocking is sighted at different regional warehouses at same time. Overall the case is about the Inventory mishandling and certain changes are required.

2. Case Questions

2.1 Question
What recommendations as a consultant can you make to alleviate the problems the company is encountering? Answer 2.1
The business of Grill Rite is a seasonal business and requires stocking of items in inventory to meet demands during peak sales season. Various aspects such as forecasting the inventory requirement by looking at sales can smoothen this process. The problem cited in the case may arise due to inventory shortage (result of wrong forecasting) or mismanagement of inventory in hand. The recommendations to resolve the issue are described further.

First, its true that company president states that the output matches the sales annually. Here it may be

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