The Business Of Human Rights Essay

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1.0 Summary Chapter 9 of the book “The Business of Human Rights” edited by Voiculescu and Yanacopulos (2011), is dedicated to “Business in zones of conflict: An emergent corporate security responsibility?” based on the content present in the book “Corporate Security Responsibility? Corporate Governance Contributions to Peace and Security in Zones of Conflict” by Nicole Deitelhoff and Klaus Dieter Wolf (2010). The focal messages Deitelhoff and Wolf (2011), reference throughout the chapter is the importance, although lack of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR), in conflict zones. Deitelhoff and Wolf (2010), focus on various issues that could be reduced and eventually eradicated, by companies being more active in conflict zones, although, due to the restriction of a word count this literature review will focus on two of those which will be looked at in further detail. The first issue is states profiting by failing to provide peace and security, whilst reviewing the contributions being made to achieving peace and security within a country. The final issue that will be looked at is the lack of alleged action companies are taking, even though they’re appearing to the public eye to be involved in CSR, as well as looking at what some companies are doing to adhere with CSR programmes they are registered to, before providing some examples of CSR in action. 2.0 Analysis and evaluation The use of wider literature allows further analysis of the main issues
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