The Business Side Of Real Estate

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I have always been interested in real estate from a very young age so when I was assigned this project, I knew exactly what I wanted to research. I grew up witnessing my parent’s incredible business transactions and over hearing my dad’s conversations he had with his clients. The dynamics of business have always been intriguing. These deals sure can get intense and I believe that is one of the reasons I am so interested in it. Starting at about ten years old, I knew I wanted to work for myself. I couldn’t stand not having a certain amount of control. Although I am interested in the business side of real estate, there is something to be said about the more tangible side of it. Actually going to the properties and finding the best fit for a…show more content…
I find that real estate entails many skills that I already use in my day to day life. These are skills that I not only do daily but I happen to be good at them as well.
The educational requirements to become a real estate broker are not extremely rigorous. You will need a high school education and a real estate license. To obtain a real estate license, you will have to complete the state- accredited pre-licensing courses. If you would like to become a broker and start your own business, you may want to consider taking some accounting and marketing classes as well.
To be a successful real estate broker, it is important to have a certain kind of skill set. Having great interpersonal skills can affect the result of your business deal. Clients are your business and being able to connect with them is essential. Strong business skills play a huge role in your success as a real estate broker. Being a real estate broker, you are self-employed. You have a lot of control but with that comes a lot of responsibility. Having business skills will help you handle the growth of your business. Problem solving skills is another skill that will be exercised throughout your real estate career. After seeing my parents deal with the ups and downs of the business, I have realized that you have to be a good problem solver. While a lot of things go right, a lot of things can certainly go wrong and you must be able to deal with these issues in an efficient way.
The salary of a real estate
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