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The business care for taking control of your computer's software licenses

The Business Software alliance's (Bsa) claim that 90% of all audit letters sent in 2012 resulted from whistle-blower's tip- offs should be a wakeup call to cios. It chiefs may well ponder how to progress when the boss refuses to budget for the right number of legitimate software licenses and needs to consider the possibility that disgruntled its staff or contractors are tipping off suppliers or the Bsa, rather than speaking directly to senior its management about their software licensing concerns. Whistle-blowers can earn up to £20,000 based the value of the software licensing feed recouped. For the Bsa, whistle-blowers provide a route into
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"If you are a company director and you are aware of software licensing problems, then you are personally liable," long bottom said. So if a cio is being pressurized by heads of business to infringe the licensing terms for their software, they should feel they are personally at risk, according to long bottom. In small businesses, the it manager may often feel they cannot simply go to the owner/ manager because ther is a risk of being fired, which is why the Bsa's whistle- blowing scheme exists; it will have to pay for the legit- mate licenses an will bw named and shamed by the Bsa. The Bsa is also likely to undertake a full audit of all software, which may result in further fines and license fees to pay should more discrepancies be indentified.

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

CYBERSECURITY ATTACKS have been in the news alomost weekly this year, with hackers sending bogus emergency alerts about an impending zombie attack over several TV stations and major media companies including Apple, Twitter and Facebook all reporting security breaches. The open security foundation noted that cybersecurity breaches. The Open Security Foundation noted that cybersecurity breaches hit record levels in 2012, with 1,520 incidents involving data loss see chart. But as media and
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