The Business Strategy Of Mazzella Companies

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To remain competitive, Mazzella Companies is continuously looking for ways to drive efficiencies throughout our operations and manufacturing processes. Extending Lean manufacturing principles and practices while establishing a platform for continuous improvement and quality is necessity to improving efficiencies. Mazzella Companies knows that tight cycle times and quick time to market with strong product quality helps drive market share and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, a disconnection exists between our executive leadership’s business goals and the current operational structure and manufacturing systems, causing product variability and waste and underutilization of resources and equipment which will only become more acute as the company continues to grow and our product offerings expand. The operations team’s main focus is to increase capacity while reducing costs, but cycle time can never come at the expense of producing high quality products and services. Creating efficiency calls for directed operations and manufacturing that reduces production variability in cycle time, enforces best practices, and insists on error proofing. Processes must be imposed and monitored to guarantee execution against best practices. In addition, our production scheduling and General Managers need a way to synchronize product volume and configuration with actual manufacturing capacities, which drives throughput and increases asset utilization while lowering inventory costs. In the
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