The Business Strategy Of Montreal Canada

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1.0 Executive Summary TRFSUN is a one of the leading and fastest growing accounting firms in Quebec, Montreal Canada that provides bright and practical solutions in fully diversified accounting, tax and management advisory services. The firm has over time grown to increase its reputation in the region and to form a brand that is associated by a large count of clientele throughout the Quebec, Montreal area. The company has targeted new firms and business openings as their primary market with a focused growth strategy in the excessively competitive accounting industry. In the last few quarters the firm has raised its target market to businesses that have huge turnovers in their annual sales. The company has set out to target the emerging individual clients with massive net worth of up to millions of dollars. The firm’s business strategy of being big enough to provide a range of sophisticated services but small enough to remain close to the client, is growth oriented. In an aim to secure and locate a strong position in the market, TRFSUN seeks to diversify its revenue streams and leverage their core expertise and talents. The company intends to setup a new branch in Toronto by the end of this financial year. The firm has confidence in their solid base of customers despite the slow growth indicators experienced in the industry. With its increasing number of medium sized corporations as clients, the company has felt the pressure and this has necessitated the firm expansion
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