The Business Strategy of Starbucks

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Starbucks What Starbucks have done to become a global contributor? Store expansion Starbucks have played various roles over the last years to become the global contributor that added value to the society. The Company implemented a strategy of expanding its stores. It developed a geographical expansion of a three year strategy that targeted the areas that had favorable demographic profiles with the company's operation infrastructure. Its selection of the targeted region which served as a hub supported the goal of opening more stores. The Company oversaw the expansion process by creating zones that directed development for each region to implant its culture by opening new stores. The store launched grew steadily and more successful and in 1995 there were about 17,000 stores that fully served his customers (McGraw-Hill Companies, 1999). Product line The Company is known of offering a choice of different regular of products known to be the coffee of the day and other broad selections of espresso drinks. The wide range of coffee offered by Starbucks enable the customers to select what they opt to drink from the fresh-roasted whole-bean coffees such as fresh pastries, juice and teas. The Company's retail approximately sells a large percentage of coffee beverages and food items. Its well known of product mix in every store varies given that it is measured depending on the location as well as the size of each outlet. The Company's engagement in efforts of developing
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