The Business Structure Of Commercial Television

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Desperate Advertisers Call for Desperate Measures Check out the boobs over here, the television beckons from the other side of the room. With all the choices available on television today, television distributors are desperate to gain the attention of audiences. In order to get advertising revenue televisions shows tap into some of our basic desires to gain our attention and loyalty. Depending on the viewer, these tactics could be having a negative impact on the viewer beyond the original intent of the content. The business structure of commercial television in America leads to the use of sexual content to increase audiences. Relationships between the television advertisers and distributors drive producers of television programs to create content that will attract an audience. Television advertisers have a product to sell and use television to broadcast commercials to attract and inform viewers about their products. The advertisers must purchase air time from television distributors in order to have access to the audience they desire. Mittell argues that “most creators of television do not enter the industry to make money, as the creative side of the industry is highly risky and unlikely to produce wealth”(Mittell, 95). Even with this argument, Mittell acknowledges that money is a factor in the creation of television programs, even if the goal is unrealized. Television content creators cannot help but be motivated and influenced by the advertisers and distributors
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