The Business That Intrigues Me The Most Was Ogilvy Public Relations

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The business that intrigues me the most was Ogilvy Public Relations. Ogilvy is a global communications firm that helps increase favorability and reputation for different companies. According to World PR, Ogilvy PR is the number eight agency in the world. Ogilvy PR is under the ownership of Ogilvy and Mather. Ogilvy PR is well known all around the world. The agency provides public relations counsel for many different companies. Ogilvy has 6 core practices: social marketing, public affairs, healthcare, consumer marketing, corporate, and technology. David Ogilvy founded Ogilvy and Mather in 1948. Ogilvy and Mather is a British company. Ogilvy had a scandal once before that shows that the company is good a deal with not only client crisis,…show more content…
Being able to fix a problem has always intrigued me. Marshall Manson is the managing director of social media, and he gave a great presentation to us for the business visit at Ogilvy. His background is extensive and quite impressive. The social media department is responsible for creating campaigns for each of their clients to expand their brand. One of the examples Manson showed us in his presentation was the campaign he and his team created for Coca Cola. The Islamic tradition Ramadan was the basis for this campaign. Muslims that celebrate Ramadan usually work a half a day, get off early and go home and have a celebration. So Manson and his team came up with a campaign that would benefit from the Ramadan tradition. Their strategy was to show the heart-wrenching ad in the afternoon when most Muslims were in their homes watching television or on the internet. When he told us the story behind this campaign and how much work went into it, I was instantly hooked. This is exactly what I want to do. Work on campaigns, ads, and work with a team that would challenge my creativity. Manson was great at presenting the information. He gave us tips on how to get into the PR field. Before Manson joined Ogilvy he worked for Edelman. Marshall worked in U.S. political campaigns and for several communications firms also. He is an asset to any company he represents. It was great to see how a Public relations agency really looked and

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