The Business Venture Is Called Organics For All

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The business venture is called “Organics For All”. The opportunity is around need to cater to organic vegetable & fruits demand to larger segment of consumers. Currently organic produce is considered to be very expensive and sparsely available in the market. There are valid reasons why price points are very high. In general a normal middle class / upper middle class consumer rely on highly unorganized market to buy vegetables. Organized retail sector has recently started catching up. Organic vegetable and fruits supply is a niche segment and usually is available via both organized retails and unorganized sectors depending on geographic area and market potential. It is apparent from market share that organic vegetable and fruits occupy very…show more content…
Even if it can cause life risk or some side effects, consumer usually ignores due to loosely connected messages from mass media. There is very few people who will relate them with organic produce consumption. It provides fair idea on penetration level of organics in the consumer’s mind In addition, problem area also lies in perception on organic produce. It’s considered to be more of fad and due to high price point and lack of freshness (large inventory cycle time), there is very less mass pull created towards consumer. So in nutshell, all these factors contribute to creating barrier and maintaining niche position for organic produce. Much can change if such barriers are broken and new stream of demand gets created. Solving this problem will be one of the key towards opening doors and converting it to mass market. Lastly there is known issue of supply chain in Indian context. There is very high share of waste due to lack of proper transportation, rough and harsh weather condition prevailing at different time of the year. All these challenges hit the bottom line and put the pressure on pricing. There are ways and means to achieve efficiency to get unique advantage on this aspect. This problem will also be attempted when produce will be sourced from the farms directly. How are we solving the problem and fulfilling unsatisfying need? First of all consumer perception need to change.
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