The Business World By Richard L. Daft

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MAN 4120 Research Paper Cameron Nead Palm Beach State College Abstract MAN 4120 Research Paper Section I - Introduction The business world is full of all sizes of businesses that compete with each other, from the industry giants, all the way to the small mom and pop shops. All types of companies need to have leaders to help lead their company on the cutting edge to remain competitive. Throughout history leadership styles have changed to help keep companies strong in competitive markets. In the textbook titled Leadership, author Richard L. Daft discussed what leadership is, “Leadership involves influence; it occurs among people; those people intentionally desire significant change; and the changes reflect purposes shared by leaders and followers” (Daft 2015, p. 5). What Daft is saying is that people who can lead other people to success in a changing environment is leadership. Each company would most likely have total different leadership styles depending on what that company does and the size of the organization. In this research paper, I look deeper into the leadership styles of a small business that I currently work for, The Barrier Reef aquarium store located in Boca Raton Florida. The Barrier Reef has been in business for over 40 years and have upgraded along the way to a larger storefront. Although a lot has changed regarding the leadership style of the store over the years, The Barrier reef small business has a strong leader base that has
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