The Butcher Boy 's Character As A Metaphor For Ireland

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Within this assignment I will focus on the exploration and discussion of an Irish film scholar named Martin McLoones view on the Butcher’s Boy’s character as a metaphor for Ireland as “The abused Child of History”. I will then evaluate the films role for an Irish national cinema. The Butcher Boy was a film directed by Neil Jordan in 1997, it was an adaptation of Patrick McCabe’s novel named the Butcher Boy. This story was about a young boy whom lived in rural Ireland and his struggles with mental illness and violence. This film was a major success as it won many awards such as the Silver Berlin Bear for Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival in 1998, the Europe film award and best cinematographer for Adrian Biddle. This film is a psychological family and childhood drama with an elements of dark comedy. The setting takes place during the early 1960s in a small town in Ireland, a time in which nuclear destruction was at the back of everyone’s mind. The main character within this film is a young boy named Francie Brady who is played by an actor named Eamonn Owens. The plot shows this young boy growing up in the early 1960’s, his life is dominated by a dysfunctional family, sexual abuse, his over active mind and his best friend Joe to name but a few. This dark tale gives us a lens as to how these particular hostile surroundings soon ignite Francie’s inner anger and fear that turned him into a psychotic killer. This film almost gives us a different representation to the way
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