The Butcher Shop Essay

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Around noon on Thursday, my roommate and I walked drearily to the local slaughterhouse, or abattoir, where we would see a pig slaughter. The building we arrived at looked eerie on the school’s campus. The abattoir stood alone, next to the bullpen and at the end of a dirt road. We walked in and a female student greeted us and told us to put on an apron, a hairnet, and a hardhat. The room smelled of warm blood. There were five people in yellow aprons and white hardhats amiably working together butchering a pig, which was currently hanging by its feet, bleeding from its neck. I felt disappointed when I realized we were late, and had missed the pig’s death. I felt my stomach jump into my throat as my visual and nasal senses …show more content…
He remarked, “As with all things at the university, you have to be flexible.” I chuckled, the uneasy feelings melted away, and my stomach returned to its regular position. Once its toes were off, the pig was hung by its feet in the middle of the room in order to be further scraped. The skinning gets rid of the hair and the upper layer of dead skin. It calmed me to listen to the head butcher talk about the process and even make a few jokes.

An assistant to the foreman handed me a large plastic bag and a piece of string, and then walked towards the doorway, where they brought in another pig. I was happy to see another, because I had missed the initial process of killing the pig. The pig could smell the blood of its own species, and began to scream scarily loud, echoing off the walls of the old building. The FDA inspector informed me that newer butchering facilities use an air circulation system in order to prevent that exact problem. The pig started squirming and trying to fight the impending doom . The first attempted shock gun didn’t make the pig unconscious, so a man grabbed another shock bolt gun to hit the skull and render the pig unconscious. The screaming ended with a disquieting silence. They then hung the pig by its feet and cut the pig’s jugular open. Blood began to spew out of its neck, splattering on the
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