The Butler From The Weinstein Film Company Essay

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Director Lee Daniels’ movie, The Butler (2013), from the Weinstein film Company, is a historical film that portrays discrimination towards African Americans from early to mid 20th century America. Daniels displays within his film, the white governing society that subjugated African Americans in the United states, and how they were able to overcome this injustice. As the film progresses, it is perceived that many of the older African American generation were content with their current position within the white hegemony society. However, the upcoming generation desired a revolution, America needed to have more equality. This revolution is what sparked African Americans to fight for equal opportunity in America today. Politics played an important role in The Butler as they were the parties that essentially paved way for a more equal America. Lee Daniels’ portrayal of 20th century America exhibits the struggle for African American equality through institutionalized racism, socioeconomic class, and everyday racism within the The Butler.
During the early 1900s, institutionalized racism was incorporated, as African Americans were treated poorly and discriminated towards. According to Margaret Washington, a historian professor at Cornell University, she states “Any way you look at it, socially, politically, economically, education, African Americans were kept out of society”. Institutionalize racism are racist policies incorporated in how a society operates. Within Daniels’ film,
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