The Butler Sparknotes

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English Test, Thursday 2nd November 2017 2. Summary and short analysis of the film: “The Butler”. INDOCTRINATION BY COTTON “The Butler” is set in the United States some decades after the Second World War. We are first introduced to a cotton field located in the southern US. We are lead into our first scene by the words “All I ever knew was cotton”. They are spoken by Cecil Gaines, an African-American male, and the protagonist of the story. Keep this statement in mind as it becomes important later. Cecil makes his way out of the plantation. He earns his right to become a free man, roaming the world by himself. During an act-of-crime, forced upon him by hunger, Cecil meets a shopkeeper who offers him employment. He proves to be hard working, and what is of more notability, he proves his…show more content…
The movie is a looking glass to the several aspects of the 1900s. We are taken from the Southern States and all the way to Washington D.C. The movie is based on a true story, and we experience the nature of a post-1800 US nation. All this happens through the eyes of a single person. We learn how one individual, as many was, became subject to getting first-hand experience with these gruesome actions. It is important for the movie to shed light on these past events. It is relevant to this date, and by introducing them through film, this movie is eager to proclaim the wrongdoings of minorities. History offers a lot to learn from. This is but another example. Wrongdoing of minorities and racism are terms which sadly go hand in hand. The themes of this movie are the themes of history. I earlier spoke of how these themes echo throughout the movie. We witness love, hatred, suffering, wrongdoing and the ones mentioned above. The themes come ´en-masse´ with terrible reality to them. (I must admit to myself, this movie screens but one of the many pimples in the face of
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