The Butterfly And The Holocaust

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“It is he who heals the broken spirit, and binds up their wounds, It is he who numbers the stars.” Can you imagine being a Jew in 1942 in the middle of World War 2? In the Ghetto where the Naziz made all Jews go in 1942, there lived two Jewish people. Krystyna Chiger and Pavel Friedman. All European countries taken over by Germans had Ghetto and concentration camps. Some of the Jews got out, then again, some were one less star… Both Pavel and Krystyna wrote about their time in the holocaust. Pavel wrote a poem called “The Butterfly” and Krystyna wrote an autobiography. Also, Krystyna and Pavel were both Jewish and lived in the Ghetto in 1942. Pavels poem was about dreaming and wanting to be free, like Pavel, Krystyna also had hundreds of
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