The Butterfly Effect Essay

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How significant is my life? Do I make a difference? Do I even really matter? Many of us wonder about how important our lives actually are; most of us are, after all, born with the dream of making a difference with our lives. Sometimes it’s hard to see if we’ve really had an impact at all. But I’m here today to tell you just how incredible your very existence is to your friends, your family, and to all those you’ll meet personally. Specifically, I’ll be talking about the wonder of what’s simply called the “Butterfly Effect”, also known as The Law of Sensitive Dependence Upon Initial Conditions. It states simply that a butterfly can flap its wings and set molecules of air into motion, in turn moving more molecules or air – starting a chain…show more content…
When they finally had the chance to rest, Chamberlain felt sorry for his men because he had no real knowledge of warfare or battle strategy. One of his only advantages, like many of us, was that he was stubborn, that he wasn’t about to give up. The 5th charge soon came and without time to reload their weapons, the soldiers began brawling with knives and swinging their rifles. And somehow they managed to push the Confederates back down the hill once more. Chamberlain began the fight with thousands of men by his side, now he had 80 men left. They had no ammunition and most of the rifles were jammed, broken, or lost anyway. In the distance, they saw the 6th charge forming, hundreds of enemies gathering at the foot of the hill. His men shouted for orders, fear was heavy in the air. In a last-ditch effort, Chamberlain then made the decision that ultimately won the battle: he told his men to fix their bayonets. He planned to face the confederates head-on in a charge of their own. When they were all in position, he yelled for them all to advance and they ran as fast as they could with their bayonets faced toward their mark. When the rebels saw them, most of them threw down their guns and ran in terror. And in 5 minutes, 80 men had conquered over 400. It’s an amazing story, isn’t it? And it’s absolutely true. Here’s what most people never realize though. Historians, like James R. Brann, have determined

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