The Butterfly Effect In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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The Butterfly Effect in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Dawn was settling over the scene. The first ray of sun broke all darkness and bathed the earth with magic. Blossoming splendour now encircled life within its charisma. Just then, a fully ripe cocoon exposed its inner treasure to the world. Out came a butterfly and flapped its wings to soar the heights. The currents thus produced by the wings of the butterfly brought about a change in the entire cycle of the universe. As William Shakespeare’s ink started flowing into paper, a wonder started to create out of the void. This wonder of his defied forgetfulness and travelled ceaselessly through the lanes of time. ‘The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’ he named it. On beholding this wonder of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, we are driven into world of passions, destructions and unifications. The use of eloquent language, charming verses and picturesque settings are always highly spoken of. However, the brilliancy of the use of the Butterfly Effect in the ‘Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’ is worth…show more content…
Or probably, had the clown from the house of Capulet not invited them over to the feast at their place. Or had Benvolio not germinated the seed of other possibilities of love affair in the mind of Romeo. These aforementioned events could have successfully kept Romeo at a great distance from the house of Capulet and of course, from Juliet. As a result, the gore could have been nullified to a great extent, ensuing long lives for the ones who laid cold and dead at the end of the play. Romeo and Juliet’s secret marriage too had a hint of the Butterfly Effect in itself. That’s right. Had their marriage then after been discussed in front of the two families, the question of Juliet’s marriage to County Paris would have not occurred. Therefore, the unification of the two households without the death of either of their family members would have been

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