The Buyer Decision Process of a Porsche Customer

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Buyer Decision Process Porsche is one of the most well-known brands in the world. In customers' minds, Porsche stands for exclusivity, class, and high quality. The company's marketing strategy is oriented towards identifying the needs and preferences of a small group of customers and on developing car models that satisfy these needs. However, Porsche was forced to introduce several models on the market that were not in accordance with what typical customers of the company usually prefer. These models refer to lower-priced cars, but also to high class SUVs like Cayenne and Panamera. The buyer decision process of a typical Porsche customer focuses on selecting cars that reflect their high social status, their financial power, and their preference for exclusive products. They are not interested in the utility or price of the cars in comparison with other customers that are interested in how much the car costs, its size, or its fuel economy performance. Porsche buyers also take into consideration the car's performance, but they focus on the sensations they have when driving such a car. The buyer decision process of Cayenne and Panamera customers is slightly different. The difference relies on the needs that Cayenne and Panamera customers have in comparison with typical Porsche customers. Cayenne and Panamera buyers are also interested in the utility of their car. They are interested in the storage capacity of their car, and in what they can do with it. Their needs are not

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