The Buying Process Through Fashion Blogs

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The answers given during the interviews helped to support the theory developed for the research.

Thanks to this research and after the answers analyze, we can say that at the beginning stages of the buying process, some consumers read fashion blogs because they are looking for inspiration and new ideas for shopping, so they do a lot of information research. They already have the shopping motivation and this motivation is using fashion blogs for being satisfied. I think this is half of the sales road for companies: they already have thousands of motivated customers looking for some products which can satisfy their needs. This is the moment when companies have to be present on blogs. Here, the potential customer has no need for just one specific product, but he might be inspired by the products displayed in the blog, which can lead to purchasing that would not have occurred otherwise. This is the sales power of blogs.

On the other hand, many consumers said they use fashion blogs when they want to find some products reviews. This reason and the previous one show us consumers use fashion blogs an information research tool. According to this last reason, looking for product reviews, we have to keep in mind that in these cases, the desire for the product is strong, eliminating so-called impulse purchases. They know what they want. This is a really important…
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