The Buying Processes for a Recently Purchased High and Low Involvement Product

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The high involvement product is a new Honda Accord and the low involvement product is a hamburger purchased for lunch. Using the five stages of the Purchase Decision Process as a framework, both of these purchases are evaluated. The paper concludes with recommendations as to how marketers can capitalize on the five stage model of the Purchase Decision Process.
Buying Process For High Involvement Product
The purchase decisions and trade-offs of a new car are complex and often lengthy. The continual adoption of Web-based applications to accelerate each stage of the selling process is well-known and quantified through empirical research (Taylor-West, Saker, 2012). These findings correlate to personal experiences of purchasing a new Honda Accord. Starting with need recognition and problem awareness, my old car had a major engine failure and it would be over $3K to fix. Need recognition and problem awareness was quickly ascertained based on the cost of fixing the older car. Immediately the next phase of the purchase decision process was initiated, which was Information Search. His was accomplished quickly through the use of online resource tools including websites, auto product configurators, and social networks. Evaluation Of Alternatives is the third phase of the purchase decision process and this was also accomplished…
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