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The “Times have changed and they’ve changed in this case for the better”, by Ann Gutmann. This quote directly reflects my paper and the individual’s experiences during the early 1800’s. This paper will share key details of Charlotte Forten’s journal. Charlotte Forten was an African-American girl that attended a private school in New England. This paper will also showcase the book the Lakota Woman by Mary Brave Bird, a Native American woman that endured in order to survive during the 1800’s. Changes for the better include systems in place to end slavery, to stop racism, and to protect women’s rights. Forten’s journal opens while she is around sixteen. She came from a free black family living in Philadelphia during the early 1800’s. Her family’s history was included helping slaves become free. She was extremely bright and moved to Salem, Massachusetts in order to attend an all-girls private school. As the only black student at the school she excelled and was promoted quickly. Her journal is significant because it outlines the heart of a free woman whose mission was to help other colored men be respected and acknowledged as having rights. Mary Brave Bird was a very poor Native American woman a part of the Lakota tribe. She was strong-willed and committed to surviving. Her story begins with her giving birth while at the same time a war was going on, in which, she had to escape with her child only to be later jailed. As a Native American woman during the 1970’s, she was

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