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Carl Zimmer, an evolution scientist, wrote an article called “Bringing Them Back to Life”. In July 2003, a group of scientists brought the bucardo back to life, allowing scientists to reverse time. The bucardo is a wild goat that was found in the mountains of the Pyrenees. In 1989 it was found that there were only slightly over a dozen of the goats left. “Ten years later a single bucardo remained: a female nicknamed Celia” (Zimmer 445) Bucardos were officially extinct; however, Celia’s cells remained preserved in labs. For a few years, a team of reproductive psychologists led by Jose Folch injected nuclei from Celia’s cells into goat eggs removed of their own DNA, and then implanted the eggs into surrogate mothers (Zimmer, 445). Over 57 implantations, only one was born. The clone was born with several problems and died quickly. There is a huge controversy about this subject, humans have driven many animals extinct, but should we bring them back is the question. Some people say in doing this we are “playing God” (Zimmer, 447), while others say we did by killing them. Other scientist say that it may be beneficial because it will add biodiversity, and medicinal properties back to the ecosystem. Recently scientists have vastly improved the cloning process. (Zimmer ,448) We can now coax adult animal cells into any type of cell, including eggs and sperm, then manipulating them into full-fledged embryos, which has led to the ideas and developments of reviving many other species
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