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“Wings” is a song by hip hop duo, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis that was released as their first debut single from their studio album The Heist. This song follows a young Macklemore on his pursuit of identity through the means of buying new Nike shoes. Macklemore states that he the shoes would make him better, would make him stand out above everyone else. On the surface, this song tells us the story about shoe culture and how it effects todays youth, however, this song explores the ideas around consumerism all over the world and how it completely controls todays youth more than ever. Personally, I love this song as Macklemore has perfectly portrayed a relevant and very alarming topic of consumerism mainly through the use of symbolism and really made every single one of his listeners think about their issue with consumerism and how we can overcome it. One way he gets his topic across in the text is through his use of symbolism. This song follows the early years of a young Macklemore and his pursuit for identification through the means of consumerism. Macklemore starts the song by saying that he bought his first pair of $100 Nikes to impressing his friends and make him feel better. He explained it as being in an "air bubble" "momma, this air bubble right here, it 's gonna make me fly" meaning that he was already totally submerged in the consumerism culture at only seven years old. The air bubble symbolises how he has been sucked into consumerism and he is trapped in this

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