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Throughout the history of mankind, change has remained a constant. Men and women continually strive to improve their lives and enact changes that enable them to better their quality of life. Our world’s history is compromised of these efforts by man to enhance society, through political, economic, and social changes, which are further documented through the cultural outputs of a society. The poets Roger Bonair-Agard and Gloria Anzaldua encapsulate the calls for change in a society through their works “how do we spell freedom – the weusi alphabeti method” and “El sonavabitche”, respectively. Though the two poets wrote on vastly different subjects, both authors employed literature as a medium for their call for activism in society and expressed discontent with the dominance of western culture over minority groups. Through their utilization of formal elements including imagery, diction, and narrator, both poets call for action to change the mindset that the imposition that American society holds over other groups of people. Despite their unique styles of writing and subject matters, both Roger Bonair-Agard and Gloria Anzaldua heavily employ imagery to evoke awareness of the scope of the problem in their audience. Bonair-Agard opens his poem with imagery describing his problem with the standard method used to teach the alphabet, stating that “A was for apples in a country that grew mangoes and X was for xylophone when I was learning how to play the steelpan” (Bonair 8-9)”.

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