The Bystander Effect By Dorothy Barkin

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The bystander effect
In the 2007 article “the bystander effect” the author Dorothy Barkin’s was talking about the reasons why most people decide not to get involved in complex situations. Many think that the reasons maybe very obvious such as the fear of possible danger to one’s self or having to go through long legal proceedings. However, the author talks about two main reasons for such actions. The first being ambiguity, the fact the most people do not know how to evaluate different situations and there lays most for the decision making. As knowing what the problem that you are facing in that moment, that alone creates a high-pressure environment that most people would not like to be involved in. Not to mention, being able to help effectively
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This is the story of me being a bystander for my own benefit. Back when I was in high school I used to change schools often due to my family moving. but after we settled in our new house, I join an English high school, this was my first time at an English school. Everybody there were so friendly and very helpful. This was very different to me because my past school’s I was always the “new kid” I was not wanted around much, so having to be the center of attention in the new place with everybody wanting to know me and introduce me around was very pleasing and I never wanted it to end. But the thing is I was not the only new student to join there was another student that was with me that did not get the same treatment that I’m getting. At first I thought it was because he was alone and did not talk much. However, it turned to be because I was so overwhelmed by all this friendliness that everybody forgot about him. I could have gone to him and introduced him to everybody but I did not because I had something that I never had before and I did not want it go away or even share this with anybody. Know well that I could do something to give him a better experience but I chose to be a bystander as I watched and pretended that there is nothing wrong. Looking back on this I can see the moral diffusion that I was in and I can see the author view of such…show more content…
As I grew and became more knowledgeable and I have a clear view of my morals toward life, helping people become more frequent for me. This is a story that happened to me not very long ago when I was a freshman at collage. One of the most thing I hate to see happening anytime and anywhere is people mistreating someone that is homeless or in need. once when I was just walking by down the street just a few minutes after sunset to get I some fresh air. And I saw from a far a group of young teens gathering around a small corner down the street and went to see what was going on? To see them around this poor person that seem very weak and vulnerable. Forcing him to act in a very disrespecting manner for a very small amount of money. The instance that I saw that I was filled with rage and anger and wanted to jump in and stop what was happing to that man. But they were a group and I was alone so this meant I am outnumbered and would be over whelmed. Even though all of that was true I headed striate for them with a mad face and a tight fist and with no hesitation I shouted to leave that man alone. And all their attention went to me as that shout startled them, they stud there for a moment but as I kept on getting closer they would spread further and further and when I got to them they started acting all innocent. I told them with a stern voice to leave this man alone and never do what they were dong again. I would have
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