Essay on The Bystander Effect in Genocides

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Many times we ask why nobody did anything to stop such horrific events from happening. Actually, many people said that this would never happen again but this is not the case. Since the Holocaust we have seen several examples of how the general public sometimes refuses to acknowledge the occurrence of events and how the government often has little political will to stop mass murders until it is too late. One example of this that occurred not too long ago is the Rwandan Genocide. In 1994, between half a million to a million Rwandan Tutsi as well as thousands of moderate Hutu, were exterminated in the clearest mass murder case since the Holocaust. The world stood back and observed as the murders took place. Samantha Power, in the book she…show more content…
The position taken by the United States then led the United Kingdom. to decide that because approval from the United States in the Security Council would be needed for intervention force such as the UNAMIR, it would not be possible for it to be approved. In other words the endangered,unsupported and under-supplied UNAMIR force should be recalled. This is a perfect example of how the world often does not act upon atrocities such as the Holocaust until it is too late. The Rwandan genocide occurred not too long ago and the world had already decided that mass murders would not occur again yet they stood back and watched as hundreds of thousands of people were killed. D. Conclusion When comparing the events of the Holocaust to the events in recent mass murders and genocides such as the Rwandan genocide we can see how such events were able to occur. Just like the general population was aware of what was happening in Rwanda to a certain extent, the Austrians were aware of how the Nazi regime was treating their prisoners. In both cases knowledge was limited but there was awareness of the fact that something was wrong. Although we now know that the Rwandan genocide could have been stopped way before hundreds of thousands of lives perished the world is beyond late in taking action. We cannot label the entire Austrian population as being responsible for the extermination of the Jews and the abuse of prisoners. The only ones who can be blamed

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