The CIM Project: Case Analysis Of The Canada Life Insurance Company

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The CIM project Case Study

Name: Bader Riyad Aldkheel
Student Number :438105221

 Introduction: 2
 The CIM project overview : 2
 The CIM project Failure: 3
 Conclusion: 4
 References: 6

ϖ Introduction:
The Canada Life Insurance Company (CanLife) has been formed as a result of the merger of several companies, including Quebec Life Insurance (QLI) and Maritime Life Assurance. In 2003 the company has gained recognition and it has been able to manage the assets of more than $23.4 billion and it has also generated $4.2 billion sales through the activities of its subsidiaries that are operating in every segment of the financial industry. The subsidiaries of the company have
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They were taking on the development and deployment of a information system and at the same time attempting to change their management approach for technology project. This new management approach for IT projects seemed to be aimed at decentralizing decision making, increasing end-user involvement in how technology solutions were architected and deployed and moving from a traditional waterfall based project methodology to an new project methodology. Canada Life Insurance was just trying to do too much, they further compounded the issues by engaging ITConsult (outsourcer) for the development and deployment of CIM. ITConsult ended up controlling the direction of the CIM project which change most of what Canada Life Insurance was trying to accomplish and also introduced new issues around the organization. this lead to insufficiencies of technical resources, struggle with the quality of the data, poor data management and ineffective processes for businesses related to the management of investments. The poor technical resources have been one of the major issues of the company. The company end up hiring IT Consultant
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