The Cabanatuan Prisoner Of War Rescue Mission

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Running Estimate for the Cabanatuan Prisoner of War Rescue Mission The prisoners of the Cabanatuan Prison are in grave danger as the US 6th Army is advancing and the Japanese are in full retrograde; it is with this in mind that we are planning this raid. The prison camp is behind enemy lines, approximately 30 miles from Guimba, and currently flooded with the withdrawing Japanese forces. The camp is being used as a transit point as they retreat to the north and east. Daylight hours are when you find the largest troop concentrations; the current TTP is for Japanese forces to move during the night. Additionally, a projected force of about 800 Japanese with tanks and heavy weapons are templated at Cabu. The Terrain leading up to the Camp has vegetation and easily traversable roads; we have the support of the local population to help us in the recovery efforts. As the US rangers approach the camp, the last mile will be treacherous because all vegetation has been cleared and the forecasted moon and light data is not favorable. Once we start to evacuate the US Prisoners we will be faced with soldiers who have been on reduced rations for the last few years, medical estimates suggest that we can expect 7-10% (35/500) of the prisoners to be non-ambulatory. The remainder will be debilitated from malnutrition and disease, making their movement slow at best. Friendly forces will consist of 120 Army Rangers, two teams from the Alamo Scouts, the Alamo Scouts bring the area expertise and
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