The Cabin Of An Airplane

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It 's very easy to fall sick these days especially when you 're traveling and you should try and find out as much as possible about how you can prevent this from happening to you. Naturally, it 's quite scary to contemplate some of the stories that we 've come across in the New England journal in the recent past, about airline passengers who have passed on some really worrisome diseases to others who are travelling with them. The cabin of an airplane is a closed space and in this environment there 's a lot of chance for germs to multiply and spread. Some are even potentially hazardous like E_coli, salmo-nella, coli-form, rota-virus. Even the common cold is not exempt as well as MRSA, which is very well known form of staph. You might think that these germs can be contracted from any place that has lots of people passing through, but the fact is that busier a place is, the more likely it is to have plenty of germs. But then, we can 't possibly keep ourselves away from these places where germs breed so easily because for practical purposes we need to travel and even go to places that have heavy crowds like shops and movie halls. So what can you do to prevent picking up these germs if you simply have to travel or visit these places? Experts give a few pointers below on how to stay away from the germs and stay healthy. Sitting at the front of the plane. "Try and get a seat near the front, because there 's better air flow from the ventilation systems here," advises

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