The Cafe Chin Report

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Levendary Cafe China – Report:
Levendary Cafe has been a successful restaurant chain that initially set up its business primarily in the United States. With their expansion in the Chinese market and over a period of time after their expansion, they faced a number of issues ranging from the differences in Auditing styles between the two countries to a complete change of their standardized image previously maintained in all their outlets bringing about significant changes in their unique identity characteristics.
To analyse the case of Levendary cafe in detail by evaluating the problems and issues faced by them with regard to their expansion in the Chinese market and come up with suitable recommendations that can help resolve the issues faced by them and come up with feasible and amicable possible solutions.
Summary of Recommendation:
Mia Foster (the newly appointed CEO of Levendary cafe) has been advised to immediately consult Louis Chin as several outlets in China have tampered with the image and concepts created by Levendary cafe. Louis Chin has to be told to implement standardization across the Chinese outlets and emphasis has to be placed on the brand image that has been built across several years by Levendary cafe in the United States. However, minor improvements and additions to their product menu to attract Chinese customers from different parts of the country shall be made in order to establish themselves and sustain in the Chinese market.
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