The Cake Reflection

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As I did with the first production of The Cake, I dressed the part of a general audience member, rather than just a student. I wore dress pants, heels, and a nice shirt. This allowed me to step out of the role of a student going to watch the play for a grade, and step into the role as an audience member going to watch for personal enjoyment. This allowed me to dive into the play and appreciate what was taking place instead of thinking of what I needed to include in my paper after watching it. Before walking in I thought back of how my last experience in the Paul Green Theatre. I had a hard time seeing some of the things that took place because of where my seat was located. I also thought about how the stage was set up for the production of The Cake; it had bright and elaborate colors. After walking in I was very surprised that the stage was empty. There was absolutely nothing on the stage. The only thing that could be seen was a neutral colored curtain. I am saying it’s color because I feel as though that curtain was a very important part of the set, which I will describe later on in the paper. I also took note that there was a step going all the way around the stage. This may have been there the last time but because of the fact that there was nothing on the stage I was able to look at other things instead of just the stage itself. The stage seemed much larger since it was empty so it made me think that there would be many sceneries throughout the play because it could be transformed into anything unlike the last play where it was hard to make drastic changes to the set. As I stated before the stage was empty when I first arrived. Throughout the play, the stage transformed into many different places. There were times when it was a house, a ballroom, and even the outdoors. This could not have been done if the stage were completely filled with props. If the stage had had many different props it would have taken away from my experience because I would have been too busy looking at that instead of what the actors were doing. It also would have made the stage too crowded because there were many more actors throughout this play than in the play The Cake. The key aspect of the stage was the moving
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