The Cake Shop: Business Analysis and Strategy Planning

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Current Situation The Cake Shop needs to develop an online marketing strategy. The shop has a simplistic, unprofessional digital media strategy at the present, designed by a friend of the proprietor. This current strategy consisted of a basic website with no functionality and a seldom-used Facebook page with 43 likes is not attracting new customers nor is it facilitating additional sales from existing customers. If anything, the current digital presence leaves potential customers wondering if the company went out of business in 2009, the last time either of these was updated. A new digital media strategy is required for Cake Shop. The first step to creating a new digital media strategy is to perform an environmental scan in order to understand the company's capabilities, those of its competitors, and other market factors. The SOSTAC model is to be used to help with the preparation of this report, with emphasis on the current situation (Chaffey, 2012). SWOT One tool that is frequently used in such analyses is the SWOT analysis, which allows the company to understand its internal strengths and weaknesses, along with the opportunities and threats in the external environment, with an eye to finding areas of alignment (Chapman, 2012). The company's main strength lies within its capabilities in the bakehouse. The proprietor is an experienced cake artist whose creations are exceptionally artistic and delicious. The company has been around for three years now, and in that time

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