The Calculators And Its Impact On The Future

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I feel both of these calculators gave me similar answers but yet they also give me different numbers for certain areas like social security amount, pension amount, inflation cost, and the cost for living in the future. The calculators gave me different numbers for how much I should be saving and how much I would have the end of my retirement, but the number are in the same bracket. I trust these calculators just the same amount, I don’t have any specific preference which one I trust more than the other. Both of these financial calculators are really professional and these calculators provides many information and options, in which is anyone who is planning for retirement can do it by themselves, and of course it isn’t really accurate but it gives estimates for what your retirement look likes if you plan it in certain ways. The calculators seem to be realistic, but then again life can be unpredictable. It is important to save up for the retirement, but sometimes life can get in a way and also when I was doing my calculation I included the amount of the social security benefits that I would receive in the future. But it is very hard to predict if there would be social security left over in the future for my generations, because right now the condition of social security is not looking so good for the people who are depending on it. The calculation for the life expenses in the future and the inflation rate seems to be realistic for the amount of dollars in the future. Each of
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