The Calcutta Chromosome Character Analysis

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In The Calcutta Chromosome, Ghosh provides a multi-pronged exploration of the issue of identity. In this novel, he is concerned with the contrast between the Western and Eastern cultural mind set of the people, the economic and political vulnerability of women minorities and other marginalized people. He is concerned with identity at its most basic level that is a whole human being replicated from a single sample of DNA. The malarial protozoan is self-replicating when it has exhausted its food source. When it has devoured a blood cell, it dies and its offspring’s flood out into the blood stream. Most of them also die into the point, uptight search for a new host. But a few of them manage to insert themselves into other blood cells. When an…show more content…
One cannot of course deny the important role memories have to play in framing or reframing the psyche of an individual, par when they have undergone a harrowing experience such as ‘cultural displacement, factional uprooting, secession claims, and ethnic refugees.’ The clarity with which the characters and the story tellers seem to get in and out of the realms of rational arguments about memory and irrational theories concerning the nostalgia is what makes Amitav Ghosh an author who narrates the tales of experience and not just of plots and a storyline . Pramod K. Nayar says, “Amitav Ghosh is indisputably one of the most important novelists and essayists today. A novelist with an extraordinary sense of history and place, Ghosh locates an individual’s dream in the general, often uncontrollable, sweep of humanity’s destiny and actions. From the partition to colonial science to colonialism, Ghosh is interested in the ways in which the violence of history, geography and political alters lives. An extraordinary fine stylist and narrator, Ghosh is also, quite often, a dense…show more content…
He claims to be the only expert on the Ronald Ross story in the world. The one and only aim of Murugan’s life is to observe and bring out the medical history of Malaria to the world. We could see how Ghosh had given recognition to the less known and less fortunate people. Everyone in this world gives priority to success. It became a fate that real talented ones were not noticed by the society mostly. Murugan's had guts to disagree things though the crowd accepts and believes it completely. Murugan could stand alone to prove the fact without depending anyone but himself. Thomas Grey’s words suit Murugan’s character in this novel. Thomas Grey says, Let not Ambition mock their useful toil, Their homely joys and destiny obscure; Nor Grandeur hear with a disdainful smile The short and simple annals of the poor…. Perhaps in this neglected spot is laid some heart once pregnant with celestial fire; Hands that the rod of empire might have swayed, or waked to ecstasy the living

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