The California Department Of Justice

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The California Department of Justice (DOJ) plans to amend various sections in the California Code of Regulations pertaining to purchasing firearms. The DOJ’s proposal will require future firearm purchasers to pass a “safe handling demonstration” in addition to the existing written exam. Customers will have to demonstrate that he or she can safely handle a long gun or handgun, which include guns with alternative designs. However, the DOJ stated that these regulations are “currently in effect as emergency regulations.”
The DOJ claims that this regulation will increase public health because people who purchase firearms will have some “basic familiarity with that firearm” and will know how to safely handle and store the firearm. Yet, the DOJ presents no evidence to support this statement. Additionally, the DOJ has implemented this regulation before the public hearing scheduled for November 24, 2015. The DOJ should provide some evidence for implementing a regulation when the regulation does not follow the normal procedural rules.
Still, the “safe handling” concept is similar to obtaining a driver license. Drivers must pass a written and practical exam before obtaining his or her license. This ensures that drivers know the rules of the road and actually know how to drive on the road. Likewise, gun purchases must know the rules pertaining to firearms and must actually know how to handle a firearm. Therefore, I would recommend partial adoption of this regulation and suggest some…
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